Stylish, Avintage wine coolers from French Climadiff at the best quality. Climadiff is Europe's largest manufacturer of wine cabinets with the Avintage series as the top models.

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The Avintage wine coolers are manufactured by French Climadiff, Europe's largest wine-cabinet producer.

A Climadiff wine cabinet in the Avintage range is your guarantee for a premium wine storage experience.

Silent wine cabinet

With the excellent vintage fridges from Avintage, you come as close to a silent wine cabinet that you can come.

A good example is the Avintage Diva DVA180PA+, which is a very quiet wine cabinet.

Wine cooler integrated

Vintage wine sinks are Climadiff's premium range of wine sinks with stylish design and thoughtful features.

Looking for a good selection in integral wine sinks, Avintage has a superficial range.

With the Avintage AVI97X3ZI, you can store 97 bottles in a beautifully integrated wine cabinet.

Built in wine cabinet

In our large selection of Avintage wine cabinets you will find both integratable wine coolers and wine cabinets for installation.

The smallest wine cabinet we have is this Avintage AVU8X, perfect for mounting a small place under a kitchen table top. The cabinet can hold seven bottles.

Here, therefore, we are talking about high quality wine cabinets. You will be very pleased with an Avintage wine fridge.