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Demo models, discontinued products and prototypes. Here you'll find all the best deals.

Here you’ll find our best offers on wine coolers. We’ve collected the best deals on one page to give you a quick overview of all our best-priced wine cabinets.

The fact they come with a great discount means you can easily find a wine cooler that is absolutely best for the price. Once each year, in november to be exact, we also have a limited black friday sale. If you want to be first in line, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Best buy

Prices are sharp and reduced to a level where you really get the best buy. The reasons for the lowered prices vary from product to product. Some are the result of our showroom clearance, when we set up this outlet to help our efforts. While some products are discontinued models and therefore have an additional discount in the price.

Wine cooler demo model

Wine coolers labelled demo model have been part of our store display, or have been showcased at trade fairs as demonstration models. Demo models represent particularly good deals, since there is nothing wrong with them except for one or two minor cosmetic flaws. Often, there is virtually nothing different about these wine cabinets, other than a hefty price cut, of course.

Generally, the original packaging is not included with the demo models, which explains the low price. Of course, we make sure to arrange and wrap the goods properly so that they will arrive safe and sound to you. Reduction in the price of a wine cooler may also be due to minor damage to packaging during transportation from the manufacturer.

You can find a great deal here if you’re willing to forego the original packaging. 

Prototype wine coolers

As we often take part in the development phase of new wine cabinets, you can be fortunate to do a good deal on one of our prototypes.

The prototypes are all fully functional and thus extremely good value for the price.

Demo models - terms and conditions

Of course, the same terms and conditions apply to special offers and demo models as with all our other wine coolers.