March's selected showcase

March selected showcase - beautiful installation with Pevino Every month we select the showcase of the month. It can be a wine cellar, a wine room or a nice installation of a wine cooler. EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE - All...

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A journey through passion and innovation at Wineandbarrels

At the heart of Wineandbarrels’ history lies a deep passion for wine and an unwavering commitment to delivering the ultimate wine experience to our customers. It all started back in 2008 when our founder, Jakob Dau,...

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Built-in and integrated wine coolers – what is the difference?

Are you thinking about buying a wine cooler but in doubt about whether it should be integrated or built in? If so, just keep reading.   Free standing Overall, wine coolers are divided into three...

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A journey in bottle types and bottle sizes

A journey in bottle types and bottle sizes Each bottle does not simply carry wine; it also contains stories about soil conditions, the character of the grapes and the soul of the region. Bottle types refer to different shapes...

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Here you'll find the largest selection of wine accessories. We have a great selection of wine coolers, wine glass, wine carafes, wine racks, corkscrews, champagne sabers, wine barrels , wine furniture and all kinds of wine accessories. Wineandbarrels consist of a highly skilled and competent specialist team ofwine retailers, interior designers, carpenters, furniture designers, sommelier and cooling technicians. By combining our professional experience and exceptional customer service our team of professionals will be happy to assist you to create the ultimate solution for you and your wine bottles.


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