Wine Glasses

A wine glass for any occasion and every need. From the robust glasses of Lucaris to the elegance and exclusive craftmanship of Rogaska and Zieher.

The power and the force in the glass

There are many different types of wine glasses: red wine glass, white wine glass, champagne glass, desert wine glasses and many more. The selection is great and here is a wine bottle for everyday and party parties.

Wine glasses are the most important equipment in a wine enthusiast?s tool box. Apart from the corkscrew, which for obvious reasons is considered the most important tool, the glass is essential to your wine experience.

There are glasses for everyday use. Reasonably priced glasses that will not break your heart if they are shattered. And then there are glasses that are considered works of art that will stand out on a beautifully set table.

We have both kinds of wine glasses. From Lucaris we present to you the wine glasses that cannot be broken. Well, almost, anyway.

The glasses from Zieher and Rogaska are handmade in top shelf quality. Paper-thin crystal and great elegance is what this is about.

Which wine glasses should I choose?

There are several things to consider when buying wine glasses. First of all, a good all-round glass is definitely worth a start. If you do not have the space for a veritable stock of wine glasses, a large white wine glass is excellent as a multi-purpose glass.

In addition, there are the more specialized wine glasses. Generally speaking, there are champagne glasses, white wine glasses, red wine glasses and dessert wine glasses. All our suppliers can provide glasses in these categories and a lot more.

Lucaris' strength

Our supplier of everyday glasses is incredibly adept at making glasses that are beautiful and sturdy at the same time.

With meticulousness and special attention to aesthetics, Lucaris makes quality crystal glass, which are all lead free. Lucaris adds titanium to the raw glass material thus providing great strength to their glasses. That is why the glasses are not so easily broken if you tip over the glass on a hard surface. Magnesium is also added to the glass compound. The result of this is a glass with a beautiful warm glow.

All wine glasses from Lucaris can easily be washed in the dishwasher. Lucaris is a supplier to restaurants and wine enthusiasts all over the world. The glasses are highly appreciated for their strength and the very reasonable prices.

Lucaris manufacture a large variety of different wine glasses in a high-end quality and you can be certain that our vast selection is able to offer you a series of wine glasses to suit your very taste. The wine glasses from Lucaris will always look great on any table.

In this video, you can see how Lucaris demonstrates the resilience and strength of their glasses on a concrete floor.

Rogaskas historic elegance

Eastern Europeans has got this magic thing about crystal glass. Traditionally, the best glasses come from Central and Eastern Europe. In Slovenia, you find one of the best: Rogaska. For more than 350 years Rogaska specializes in the finest glassware for wine, spirits and cocktails.

Design, innovation and pioneering the evolution of aesthetic expression combined with raw materials and crafts of an outstanding and unique quality has placed Rogaska among the most respected glass manufacturers in the world.

Costly glassware, yes. But certainly, also beautiful. These glasses we recommend that you take especially good care of and that you wash them by hand. 

Their decanters are just as beautiful.

Here you can see a presentation video from Rogaska.

Zieher - Elegant Germans

German glassware producer Zieher are renowned for their innovative design of especially glasses, but also glassware for service in the hospitality business.

Once again, we are at the upper end of the price scale with highest quality and the finest elegance. The glasses are paper thin and with an expression of its very own kind. The characteristic bottom of the goblet make the wine very special to look at when swirled in the glass.

With Ziehers glass you should also be careful not to use the dishwasher.

All glassware is available for white wine, red wine, champagne, dessert wine, digestives and so on.

How to hold a wine glass

What is the correct way to hold a wine glass? The stem of a wine glass is there for a reason. The stem and the base of a wine glass are meant to serve as a grip. The stem is the wineglass handle, so to speak. There are several reasons for this. First of all, there is aesthetics in avoiding greasy fingers on the glass cup, but also that the heat from your palms affects the temperature of the wine. Holding by the stem makes it easier to enjoy the color and brilliance of the wine in the glass.

The stem is also good when swirling the wine in the glass. It may require some practice to find the balance point, and a good place to start is to swirl the wine while the glass is standing on a flat surface. The reason for swirling the wine around the glass is to release as many aromatic molecules in the glass as possible. All for the sake and joy of your sense of smell. Try it out yourself by smelling a glass of wine before and after a good swirl in the glass. The difference is significant.

Why is a white wine glass smaller than a red wine glass?

A general phrase say that small wines are meant for small glasses and big wines in large glasses. This rule of thumb is quite general, but useful nonetheless. If you pour a fine and delicate white wine into a huge wine glass, the aroma of the wine can completely disappear. And if you serve a rich red wine in a small classic Port glass, not much fragrance will be released. The exceptions to this rule are the big white wines from Burgundy and vintage and prestige cuvées from Champagne. They will benefit from a larger surface in the glass.

Where does the wine glass go on a table setting?

There are several schools in table setting. A Google search can easily confuse more than clarify how to set a table the ?correct way?. Generally speaking, the glasses are placed in the serving order. A little like the cutlery, where you eat from the outside and inwards towards the plate, you drink the wine with your right hand from right to left. Accordingly with that flow, you put champagne glasses, white wine glasses, red wine glasses and finally dessert wine glasses. Spirits are usually served in the adjacent rooms or after the table is cleared so you can enjoy your coffee or tea with a glass of Rum, Grappa, Whisky or the like.

The water glass can be placed in several places: On the right side a little retracted from the other glasses, to the left of the red wine glass or completely above the forks at the left side of the plate. Here it is more a question of aesthetics and user-friendliness. For inspiration, a search on Google Images can be of help.

How are wine glasses stored in the cabinet?

The short answer is: not upside down. There is no need to turn the glass upside down. Especially not if they are already in a closet that shields the content from dust. The main drawback is that the glasses absorb the smell of the cabinet shelves. The smell may be more or less uncomfortable depending on the surface, but wine glasses are best kept with air surrounding them.


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