Monitoring wine

Sensorist is the most brilliant device to constantly check if your bottles are stored optimally.

Do you have an overview of how your wines are stored, if they are at the right temperature and humidity?

Make sure that your wine is stored correctly!
Whether your wines are stored in the basement, bedroom, wine cooler or other space, it is always a good investment to ensure you have an overview of temperature and humidity. Ideally, the temperature has to be more or less constant between 10 and 18 degrees and the humidity level should be between 50 and 75 %.

Online monitoring
With these unique products from Sensorist you can very simply and easily monitor your wine and receive an alarm as notification on your phone or by email when the temperature or humidity has reached an undesirable level. Measurement data is logged every 15 minutes on a cloud service which you can access via computer or mobile app.

Wireless data collection
Temperature measurements are wirelessly sent from the sensor to the gateway which is connected to the internet. This makes installation very simple and flexible.

View this solution at our showroom
At our showroom we have set up sensors in many of our wine coolers and can show you how the system works in practice.

Solutions for business
There is also a pro-solution to help businesses and wine professionals monitor temperature and humidity. Read more here.


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