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Enjoying a cigar is not considered smoking in the traditional sense - it is mainly seen as part of a gastronomic experience.

Cigars are perishable and should be stored in a humidor, a drawer or cabinet with a built-in humidifier to keep the humidity at a constant level.

Storing cigars

Humidity and temperature are the most important factors when it comes to storing and aging cigars.

If the cigars are stored too dry, they crack. Keep them too warm and humid, and they become moldy.

Cigars - Temperature and humidity

Like wine, cigars are best kept at a stable temperature. However, the temperature must be higher than when storing wine, as cigars are best kept at around 20-22°C.

Even more important is the level of humidity. Cigars come from tropical climates, where the tobacco is naturally kept smooth and healthy. The optimum humidity level for storage of cigars is around 70%.

A classic and easy to remember rule of thumb is the 70-70 formula for cigars, since they are kept fine at 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. At least in countries still using the imperial system for temperatures it makes easily sense, but 70°C is 21,11°C. 

Storage of cigars

Like certain wines, cigars can develop during long-term storage. Certain cigars will benefit from being stored up to 10 years as the aromatic flavors will change along the way.

Most fresh cigars are significantly improved by storage for at least two or three months.

Young and new cigars have freshness and green notes while cigars with age develop rounded and deeper dark notes.

Clean air inside a humidor

Most humidor manufacturers use high quality cedar wood for the drawers. Cedar wood ensures a high absorption of moisture, creating an ideal climate for your cigars.

The tobacco in cigars must be able to breathe. Oxygen and other gases circulate and blend with the surrounding air inside the cabinet.

Therefore, it is strongly advised to regularly ventilate your humidor to allow new and fresh air to enter.

Cleaning a humidor

It is also very important to regularly clean the cabinet in order to avoid mold and other unwanted conditions in the humid climate that is inside a humidor.

Wash the interior with a damp cloth soaked in lukewarm water and a bit of mild detergent. You can also add some vinegar to the solution.

Preparing a humidor

Before using your newly purchased humidor, it is very important that you prime it. The humidity must be at an acceptable level before you put in your cigars.

This is also the case with a traditional humidor case and if the humidor has been unused for a long time.

Cedar in a humidor

Cedar wood, which the drawers are made of, play an important role in the system inside the humidor. The pores of the tree absorb moisture thus help maintaining the humidity in the closet. If the interior parts are completely dry when you put your cigars in there, humidity can be pulled out of the cigars, which may dry them out.

Distilled water in a humidor

You prime a humidor by soaking a cloth or sponge with distilled water (never use water from the tap). Now you wipe all wooden surfaces with the cloth to cover them in water. There is no need to overdo with splashing too much water. A gentle moisturising is just fine.

Then place a bowl of distilled water in the bottom of the empty humidor while filling distilled water in the humidifier system.

After 24 hours, you repeat the washing of the wooden surfaces, and now your humidor is ready to take good care of your precious cigars.



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