Low noise

Noise-free wine coolers. These wine cabinets are insulated extra well to lower the noise level.

Here you can see our large selection of stylish wine fridges, where the manufacturer has an extra focus on reducing noise levels.

The cabinets are manufactured in extra good materials that ensure quality and durability.

Quiet wine fridge

Noise-free wine cabinet is available in many different sizes, so you, regardless of how much space you have, can have a low-noise wine refrigerator.

Wine fridge is not like a regular refrigerator

An ordinary wine cooler usually makes a little more noise than a fridge for food. It's mainly because many models have built-in fans that distribute the cold inside the cabinet itself.
The fans help ensure that the temperature is evenly distributed throughout the cabinet / individual cooling zone.

If you measure the temperature inside a regular refrigerator, the temperature usually differs from the bottom of the cabinet to the top.

To ensure that your wines are kept at the correct temperature, so the maturation process does not go too fast and the wine is destroyed, fans are important to keep a constant temperature.

Wine cabinet that is not noisy

Here we have collected some of the wine coolers in the market that have the lowest noise level measured in dB. These models include extra good fans, compressors, and the cabinet is insulated extra for sound.
With a refrigerator that has a low noise level, you can place the cabinet in rooms where you stay a lot.
If you wish to read more about acoustics and noise from wine cabinets, we have a post that goes a little deeper with the subject.


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