Here you will find our broad selection of various accessories for your wine cabinet.

In our assortment you will find:

Carbon filter - The carbon filter in your wine cabinet ensures that your wines are stored in an antibacterial environment. It is important that the carbon filter is replaced approximately every 2 years to ensure optimal effect.

Wine shelves - You can purchase additional wine shelves for your wine cabinet. If a shelf in your wine cabinet is damaged, you can purchase new ones in the same high quality as the ones it comes with originally.

Decorative cover - To create one complete look in your kitchen or scullery where you have built in or integrated your wine refrigerator, you can use a decorative cover if there is space between the refrigerator and other kitchen appliances.

Stainless steel cleaner - If you have a wine cabinet with steel or chrome details you will need to use stainless steel cleaner for maintenance and care. Our stainless steel cleaner is 100% natural and is therefore not harmful to the environment.

Additional thermometer - With an additional thermometer in your wine cabinet, you will be able to measure the temperature several places within the cabinet at the same time. It can be a good idea if you have a dual-zone (or multiple zone) temperature refrigerator. This way you can always be sure that your your wine is stored at its optimal temperature.

Oil for maintenance - With this specific oil for stainless steel, you will be sure to maintain a beautiful and nice look of your wine refrigerator for many years.

You will also find:
-Stainless steel cleaner
-Refrigerator cleaner
-Plug with three legs
-Digital thermometer


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