It can be a challenge to find the perfect wine cooler that suits your home and the things you value the most.

Depending on your budget, the room you wish to place the cooler in and whether you want it to be integrated or free standing?

All these are factors you need to consider before buying a wine cooler.

Guide about choosing a wine fridge

This is why we have made an overall guide for you, which should help lead you on the right track.

In the guide we have separated all of our wine coolers into categories, based on the number of wine bottles it can contain at the same time. We have also divided them into whether you want it to be integrated or free standing, how many cooling zones you prefer, least width and height of the cabinet etc.

Where to place a wine cooler?

You might also want it to be low energy or with minimal noise. Read this article: How noisy is a wine cooler?

You might even need a wine cooler cabinet that is suitable for being placed in a cold room

The possibilities are many but with us you are always guaranteed a good relationship between price and quality. All of our wine coolers are of the highest quality but to a very fair price. We do also offer luxury products like Pevino and IP Industries where the design is supreme.

We are ready by phone or email

You are always more than welcome to call us or send us an email. We are always happy to give advice about exactly which wine cooler would fit into your home.

Good hints about wine coolers 


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