Wine Furniture

Champagne cork stool. Bar stools, stools and tables in elegant french industrial look. Furniture made out of wine barrels.

One thing is to collect wine and store the bottles in a dark space until the long awaited day the bottles are to be enjoyed at a pleasant occasion.
Another thing is to surround yourself with things related to wine.
One does not exclude the other at all.

Lovely wine in a nice glass and exquisite furniture made of for example rods from wine casks can easily create a very special atmosphere around this thing we all love so much: the great pleasure of surrounding ourselves with vinous delights.
Wine related furniture is great a way of creating a link between our oenophile interest and the people we love sharing this interest with.

At we have a huge selection of different furniture. All with wine as common denominator.

Champagne cork stool

Our beautiful and fun stools imitating giant wine corks are ideal for use a hallway, kitchen or a guest room. You can find the wine cork furniture as a stool or a table and shaped as either a traditional cylindrical wine cork or the chararcteristic mushroom shaped Champagne cork.

The popular giant corks in cork fits well into any home, but also as decorative furniture in a store or at a restaurant. A stool like this can easily be installed in a corner of a store or in the cloakroom of a cafe.

Here at we are also very curious after finding the bottles of wine that these cork originally was fitted to.

Industrial French look

We also have the stools and bar stools with seats made of cork or wood and legs in metal. They all have just the right industrial look that is so sought for at the moment. It is this destinctive industrial look "à la francaise", as they say. The accompanying tables display the same great design with wooden tabletop planks and raw look metal frames.

Most of the chairs and all tables will also do well as outdoor furniture on a covered terrace or balcony.

Furniture made out of barrels

Barrels make a good basis for creatively designed furniture. Either as an actual bar cabinet inside a barrel or as a table. is connected with a cabinet maker in Spain who use rods from wine barrels to create his unique range of furniture. There are many different stools, tables and cabinets. All the furniture here are obviously handmade and not two furniture are the same.

Whether you're looking for a piece of wine furniture for your home, summer house, shop or restaurant, you will find it at


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