Serving wine

Effective and stylish serving of wine

Serving wine is wonderful when it's done elegant, but most importantly, you should be able to avoid wasting the tablecloth, floor and clothes. Therefore it is important to have the right tools when you are serving wine for guests or when you are having at a cozy evening at home.

We have a large selection of different wine serving products and you will among other things be able to find quality spouts in various designs. Our assortment also consists of a trendy BOJ anti drip ring, various decantings products, aprons from Sommerlier and much more.

When serving wine, it is important that the wine has the right temperature to take full advantage of its various aromas and flavors. This is especially important for both red and white wine, but also for rose and champagne. Therefore, a wine thermometer is a must. We sell the brand BOJ and this trendy wine thermometer is produced in the highest quality, designed and manufactured in Spain by Spanish wine specialists.

To keep the white wine and champagne cold, we also offer delicious Grand Cru wine coolers. These looks both luxurious and beautiful, but are also extremely effective. They are stylish in their design and comes in gold, red, white and metal. These beautiful wine coolers are the perfect gift for wine lovers who cares about style and self-indulgence.


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