Taste the wine without opening the bottle

The most revolutionary product in the ?world of wine? since the corkscrew is undoubtedly Coravin. It is managed Coravin to find the Holy Grail and the philosopher?s stone at the same time.

There has always been a great demand for a solution on how to save wine when a bottle already is opened. Most solutions pumps air out of the bottle and can thereby make the wine drinkable a few days after. But no longer than that. Up until now.

Through an ingenious system where a needle that penetrates the cork can pour the wine from the bottle while filling the void with the heavy noble gases argon. The aroma and flavour neutral gas protects the wine that remains in the bottle against oxidation.

All this happens without the cork is removed.
The elasticity of the cork ensures that the hole after the needle closes and the wine can be keep for several months in the bottle. It?s smart and a great success!

Wine gurus like Jancis Robinson, Robert Parker, Wine Spectator and Decanter are among the tribute choir to the patented system. are distributors of Coravin that now comes in an improved model 2. It has a better and stronger needle and an improved replenishment mechanism for capsules with argon.
Coravin is very easy to use and a good user manual and two gas capsules are included with the purchase. One gas capsule contains gas to about 15 bottles of 15 cl and are easy to replace. We also sell gas capsules in two pieces packages.
Coravin System 1000 includes a needle , two gas capsules with argon, protection in neoprene for a 75 cl . bottle, feet / holders Coravin and a cleaning kit..

Whether you are a hard-boiled wine nerd, happy amateur or just enjoying a nice glass of wine now and then, Coravin will open up to endless opportunities to taste and enjoy your wine.

For example you can have several bottles opened at the same time without they are getting too old. You don?t need to save a special bottle for a special occasion. You can taste wine glass after wine glass at your own pace. If you are just two at the table you can serve a dessert wine as Sauterne or German riesling without opening a whole bottle.
If you are particularly interested in the composition of wine and food you now have good opportunities to experiment with tasting the same wine to different homemade dishes.
The hobby sommeliers will enjoy themselves tremendously with a Coravin. 


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