Vino Wall Rack

Vino Wall Rack is a series of high quality wine racks in black-lacquered metal.

This beautiful design meets everybody?s desire for an impressive wine rack that creates a great overview of the displayed wine collection.??The design of the wine rack makes it possible to display many bottles of wine within very little space without having to worry about the wine rack collapsing due to the weight of the wine bottles.

If you own a larger collection of wine, it is important that you make sure the quality of the wine rack is robust. Collapsing wine racks are not a pleasurable experience. It can be expensive and cost precious drops.??The steel arms have been designed so that the wine bottles can be fixed securely and precisely.

Vino Wall Rack comes in different sizes so that you can choose the solution that fits into your home.??One of the models within the Vino Wall Rack series, lets you display up to 3 bottles of wine in depth. It is an impressive and beautiful sight, which at the same time will save you a lot of floor space. A perfect solution for you who have a larger collection of wines but at the same time require that the storage of your wines doesn?t take up too many square meters.

Also an ideal solution for those who trade wines or own a restaurant.??These wine racks are wall mounted and you can easily add more racks on top of, or next to each other. The overall impression will be stylish and appear as one single wine rack. ?


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