Acrylic shelves and wine racks for the bottles you want to put on display.

Wine racks in acrylic plexiglass

The elegant and minimalistic wine shelves are all made of clear or mated acrylic, also known as plexiglas.

With the nice acrylic bottle racks, you can present your bottles at their finest. Whether it is a wall mounted wine rack or a smart display stand for a single bottle you are looking for, it is here for you to find.

Vino Art Design has developed and designed a series of unique wine holders, all made based on acrylic plates.

Plexiglas (spelled with only one “s”) is the story of a trademark that has become synonymous with a general thing. A bit like Jacuzzi is a trademark sometimes used as a general term for hot tub spas. Other examples include Kleenex, Post-it, Walkman and even Frisbee.

Acrylic wine bottle holder

Plexiglas is made of acrylic, which is a plastic material. A plexiglas wine rack is thus exactly the same as an acrylic wine rack. Clear acrylic is transparent as glass, but very strong and not as fragile.

Vino Art Design acrylic wine shelves are available in a huge variety of designs and sizes. Throughout the range, the design is elegant and with a style that points towards modern Italian and Scandinavian tradition.

You can see this by looking at the elegant, streamlined and almost minimalist expression. Among the many fine designs, everything is available from entire racks to holders of a single wine bottle.

Wall mounted wine rack

The acrylic wine racks of Vino Art Design are available in models designed to be mounted on your wall. The hovering wine bottles look very elegant when they hang in this transparent plastic rack.

You can hang them in your living room, your kitchen or in your wine room. In this way, you can use all the space in your wine cellar with a nice wine bottle in clear plastic.

Wine holder for the floor

If you are looking for a great-looking wine rack and you want to keep the elegant hovering look, then there are some really beautiful acrylic display stands from Vino Art Design.

Here too you can set up and decorate an entire wine cellar with the elegant acrylic wine racks. Certain models are equipped with display shelves where the bottles are inclined. This way, you can present your finest wines at display.

Table top acrylic bottle holder

Among the smaller versions, there are a lot of nifty and elegant holders for one, two or more bottles.

The bottle holders are great to put on a table, a bar or in a nice place in a shop. Many restaurants use them to present a certain bottle, such as wine of the month or the like.

Acrylic serving tray

Vino Art Design can also deliver trays in acrylic plates bent into beautiful shapes.

A plexiglas serving tray is an elegant way to present an aperitif or some snacks.

Wine shop or restaurant - bottle racks

If you wish to present the house wine or the weekly offer from the cellar, there are plenty of great opportunities in the acrylic product range from Vino Art Design here.

The Ostuni and Assisi models are even so cleverly designed that there is room for the size of a business card beneath the bottle in the holder. With such a nice bottle stand on the table or reception desk you can introduce your guests to a special bottle while informing about a special offer.

In general, plexiglas or acrylic wine racks are very useful in shops or in the hospitality industry (HoReCa). In addition to the fact that the elegance of acrylic wine racks, they are also extremely easy to clean with a cloth and soap water.


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