Riedel - World class wine glasses

Riedel - World class wine glasses

The Austrian Riedel family is a true wine dynasty. The family has been producing world class wine glasses since 1756. Today the family business is led by the 11th generation of the Riedel family. After more than 260 years Riedel's wine glasses are more popular than ever, and have been applauded by some of the world's most influential wine experts and sommeliers.

Riedel and the shapes

Riedel is famous for taking a quite scientific approach to shaping their wine glasses. Riedel develops their wine glasses from the hypothesis, that the wine glass itself has a significant effect on the bouquet and expression of a wine. Most manufacturers of wine glasses offer glasses for different types of wine, or for certain wine areas, but Riedel takes this even further and produces wine glasses made specifically for certain grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Shiraz. In other words, Riedel's wine glasses are the stuff of dreams for all wine geeks.

How do I wash my Riedel wine glasses?

Riedel wine glasses are suitable for machine washing. Read our guide about washing wine glassses here.