Storage of wine

In an ideal world the best place to store wine would be in a north-facing basement well below ground level, away from direct sunlight, without heat, without agitation, at a constant temperature of 10-12 degrees and with a humidity level constantly held at 60. But few people have access to these ideal conditions.

Most have a room available for storing wine

Look around the house or apartment and find a room that best meets the following criteria:

A fairly constant temperature

No direct sunlight

No strong odors in the same room as the wine

Wine is not damaged by either 5 or 20 degrees and the temperature may be allowed to fluctuate over the course of the year, just as long as it occurs slowly. But remember that the higher the temperature you store wine at, the faster the wine will evolve.

Often you will find the best conditions in a bedroom or hallway.

Remember the bottles must be laid down in order that the corks do not dry out.

If you have space for a wine cooler, you’ll find it’s the perfect way to maintain a controlled storage environment.


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