Wooden wine cabinets

Handmade wine coolers in exclusive quality

Here you will find our large selection of exclusive wine coolers in solid wood. All cabinets are made by hand following a proud tradition, assembled from components of the highest quality. It gives a product of superior and consistent quality.

Here you will find beautiful and impressive wine coolers that can easily be integrated into your home. The cabinets are beautiful and timeless, and should not be hidden away in the kitchen and utility rooms. Here you will get a wine cooler that will make you happy, and will make you want to look at it for many years.

It is an exclusive and elegant furniture to you that revolves around your wines and want the best presentation and storage.
Our range of wine coolers in wood offers small closets to you with a small wine collection, to large cabinets with space for wine, cigars, good hams and other delicacies.

In the selection of wine coolers in wood you will find wine coolers with multiple cooling zones divided into sections. There are not multiple cooling zones in the same section, only one cooling zone in every section of the wine cooler. It gives you an assurance that whatever you choose to store in each section, you can be sure that the temperature and humidity are optimal, and you will also avoid large fluctuations in temperature inside the cabinet. So you can with confidence store your most precious wines and cigars without ripening goes too fast, or tobacco dries out.

Constant temperature and humidity ensures that the flavor is preserved, and you can offer your guests and partners a perfectly tempered glass of wine, where all shades and flavors come into its own.


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