A journey through passion and innovation at Wineandbarrels

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A journey through passion and innovation at Wineandbarrels

At the heart of Wineandbarrels’ history lies a deep passion for wine and an unwavering commitment to delivering the ultimate wine experience to our customers. It all started back in 2008 when our founder, Jakob Dau, decided to follow his passion for wine and wine storage. Jakob’s fascination with the world of wine and his desire to be an innovative merchant led to the founding of Wineandbarrels. 


Inspired by his own experiences as a customer in the world of wine, Jakob worked hard to find and develop products that not only met but also exceeded the expectations that consumers had and continue to have.  

"We started by importing wine and wine barrels, hence the name Wineandbarrels'', says Jakob. But Jakob wanted to create something bigger and saw an opening in the market and an opportunity to differentiate himself from all the others who sold wine.  

"I wanted to use my experience and knowledge to create the most beautiful and best wine storage. It became clear to me that there was a need for more than just an online shop; we also needed to create an experience." Tells Jakob.


Today, Wineandbarrels is Europe’s leading retailer and distributor of wine equipment from wine coolers and racks to wine accessories. Our webshops cover the whole of Europe and we have physical showrooms in several cities, including Hillerød, Fredericia, Stockholm, Oslo and Düsseldorf. As a 100% Danish-owned company, we are proud of our responsible approach to our more than 50 employees, where well-being and job satisfaction are central.


Jakob’s journey in the world of wine has been a source of continuous innovation and development. With this in mind, Wineandbarrels began developing its own products and brands. "We saw an opportunity to create something better, something that could change the market. We were not satisfied with the existing range of wine coolers and they were not good enough and not quiet enough," explains Jakob. Then Jakob and his team began designing and producing their own wine coolers and wine racks, and brands such as Pevino, Cavecool and Caverack were born.


With this vision, Wineandbarrels began to innovate the wine cooler market. On the basis of very close customer contact and customer feedback, Jakob and the team began to collect information about everything the customers were missing or wanted from a wine cooler. “We worked closely with producers in China to produce our own wine coolers,” says Jakob. It was a challenging process, but it resulted in our Pevino series, which became and is still a huge success with over 50 models in the series.

Today, Wineandbarrels continues to be the driving force behind innovation and quality in wine storage and wine equipment. “We are not afraid to think big and go for the unattainable,” says Jakob. One of our goals as a company is to create products that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. 


But the success of Wineandbarrels is not just about the products, it is also about the culture and values of the company. “We are a team and we support each other and play each other better every day.” Says Jakob smiling. He works on the basis of the idea that when employees feel good and enjoy going to work, success and profit will naturally follow. 

We are a company with colleagues all over Europe, and we care about this and work to make it a quality in everyday life. 

Another central value for Wineandbarrels is focus on the environment and sustainability. We have set up a committee dedicated to making everyday life greener and are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint. This commitment is also reflected in our products, which include the world’s most energy-efficient wine cooler, the Pevino Imperial Eco. 

Wineandbarrels differs from other companies in our thorough onboarding process for new employees. During the first two months, new employees will have the opportunity to get to know the entire company and be introduced to all colleagues and departments. This ensures that all employees feel welcome and integrated from the start.


Jakob’s journey from being a passionate wine lover to founding Europe’s leading wine equipment company is a story of perseverance, hard work, innovation and passion. “It has been, and fortunately still is, a fantastic journey,” says Jakob.

The path to success has not always been without challenges, but each challenge has made Wineandbarrels stronger and more resilient as a company.

A major challenge for Wineandbarrels has been to create a strong brand and establish itself as a reliable and professionally strong player in a niche market. We are specialists in what we do and we are a team of service-minded colleagues who have the customer in focus and want to guide you to the best possible purchase.  

Wineandbarrels are strong in Europe and the largest in wine storage. In the long term, we want to be the largest in the world, but we are taking one step at a time," says Jakob with a smile. However, it is important that the entire company develops together and in the same direction. 

This year we will be launching a completely new type of wine cooler where the customer can have even more to say in terms of designing wine storage for their own needs. It will be exciting to reveal, says Jakob with a mysterious glance in his eye.

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